Day 30

I’ve officially been doing my personal nail challenge for a whole month! I can’t believe it! Now if only I can challenge myself with the gym!!

Day 30 Zoya Pixie Dust Chyna

Zoya pixie dust chyna

Zoya pixie dust chyna

Sorry for the übuer blurry picture on the bottom. The whole purpose of the blurry picture was to show the glitter shimmer that you can’t see without the blur. This pixie dust was a little different from Godiva. The glitter in Godiva has small silver glitter, whereas Zoya Chyna has red glitters. The red shimmer is present, even though you  can’t tell with this picture, but the sand texture is very obvious in this picture. I absolutely love the color and the shimmer in and of itself. I couldn’t resist a top coat to see what it would look like so I put some seche vite as an accent nail and now more of the shimmer comes out as opposed to the texture. I’m on the fence about this pixie dust. I really really loved the Godiva because of the contrast between the silver glitter and the nude polish, Chyna I think I would absolutely love this color for Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, anytime is a good time for a nice sexy red, but this color really reminds me of Christmas time.

What do you guys think?

Happy polishing!