Day 62

Day 62: Nail art March Challenge–floral

vintage rose nail artPictorial time.

I have been putting this manicure on the back burner for a while, just because it seemed really challenging for me. In fact, this is way way easier than it looks. As always I do have to apologize for the quality of pictures. I really have to do something with the lighting in this house…

1. Paint your base color. For this manicure I wanted to do something a little off beat. I always see mint green and light pinks, so I chose gray. Gray is actually one of my favorite colors–shades…whatever. This is actually more of a misty blue gray by Orly called Boho Bonnet.

2. This part requires no nail art tools at all. I just simply took the brush out off the bottle of this pretty butter London color–Scoundrel and dabbed small dots around the nail. They don’t have to be perfect since roses aren’t perfectly round anyways, the bumpier the more characteristic. Do try to avoid getting gobs of nail polish on your nail. This is just to help hasten the whole process–the more the polish, the longer the drying time.

3. With a short thin brush I used essie Bond with Whomever to get the highlights of the rose petals. There was no method to this part either. Just dip your small brush in a drop of paint and make random strokes within your flower dot. By making strokes in different directions it gives your roses a little more of a natural look.

4. With the same brush, dip into a nice leafy green color. For my roses I used essie Mojito Madness. This is the fun part because this is where the manicure comes to life. You can really paint leaves wherever you like to fill in the blank spaces and it gives your flowers a nice little pop.

I couldn’t just leave my accent finger blank so I painted stripes using the two purples I used to paint my roses.

I encourage everyone to try this flirty girly manicure. It’s easier than it looks, trust me!

Happy polishing!


Day 44

Day 44 color blocking Instagram nail art challenge


The colors I used were


From left to right:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
CG For Audrey
Essie Maximillian Strasse-her
OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook

First I painted my nails with my base color, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

After the base color completely dried I cut up some striping taped and applied it to my nails, each nail having a different layout.

With each color make sure you have a little bit of polish on the brush and paint the respective square. If you have too much lacquer on it can easily run into the other square.

As soon as you’re done painting all your other squares remove the striping tape. And voila!

Happy polishing!

Day 28

Happy birthday to my babe. Technically his birthday isn’t until tuesday, but we are going out to dinner tonight. I thought today would be a good day to have a little bit of nail art dedicated to him. =)

Today’s manicure of the day utilized OPI Birthday babe, Essie Butler Please, Essie Bikini So teeny, and Alpine snow for the most part, to make a cupcake–for my cupcake!!

cupcake mani 1First start out with your base colors. On my ring finger I used Essie Bikini So Teeny. It is a nice soft blue with slight transparency with one coat and full opaqueness with two coats. The formula is not too thick, making it easy to work with. OPI Birthday babe is a very soft metallic silver, also very easy to work with. The hardest thing about metallic polishes is that you can see stroke lines sometimes, which is a reason why I mostly steer away from them.

cupcake mani 2Second, with a thin striping brush gently make lines on your ring finger to make the lines in the cupcake holder. You can get a striping brush from any beauty supply store. It is the paint brush with long thin hairs. I’m not very good with it mostly because I get really nervous and my lines come out really shaky =/ but practice makes perfect.

cupcake mani 3The following steps are done by the dotting tool. Take your dotting tool and very gently draw 3 half-circles on your nail like so–this makes the edge of your frosting. After you have done so, take your dotting tool again and dot out a “mound of frosting.” Make sure you don’t press down too hard because you may take up some of the dried polish in your layers below messing up the whole manicure. After you are done making your frosting wash the dotting tool off and use different colors for your sprinkles. For my sprinkles I used Essie Mojito Madness, Essie Cute As A Button, and Pop Sunny.

cupcake mani 4Instead of using more nail polish to paint on a cherry I just used a round rhinestone. Applying these is really easy. I used a dotting tool again with clear polish. Dip your dotting tool in clear polish and make a dot on your nail where you want to place the rhinestone. After placing your dot, use your dotting tool with the remnant clear polish to pick up a rhinestone and place the rhinestone on top of your dot of clear polish. And that’s it!

This manicure is very quick and it doesn’t take a lot of skill either.

Happy birthday, babe! ❤

Happy polishing.