OPI was asked over and over and over for a gold shatter. EVEN THOUGH, Sephora by OPI has Gold Blasted, which I’ve already reviewed. I didn’t really like the color of the Gold Blasted so I returned it, but OPI Gold Shatter is amazing.

First I painted my nail with China Glaze Refresh Mint.

I like this color, but I wasn’t in the mood for something so bold so I took it down a notch with OPI Sparkle Teal Sunrise.

I love anything that sparkles. =)

And then I went and covered it up…

By comparing Gold Shatter to Gold Blasted, I could tell you that the shatter was thinner and was more shimmery (which I absolutely love) Too bad I didn’t have a chance to take a picture in the sun, then you could see the full potential of this shatter.


I also liked Sally Hansen’s Gold Crackle. It’s a lighter color than Gold Shatter which is what I like about the Sally Hansen formula.

Here are the two together. The one on the left is OPI and the one on the right is SH. Which one do you like better?

Happy polishing.

Now you don’t have to go to the salon!

This post was requested by one of the readers. Today I will be reviewing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. I bought these at the local drug store that has tons of different patterns.  The one I chose was #350: Misbehaved.

SH Salon Effects: Misbehaved

At first I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but when I opened the box I was excited because it comes with all the tools you’ll need for application.

SH Salon Effects contents

The box is complete with two packages of nail strips (16 total strips), a cuticle stick, and a nail file/buffer, which I thought was very generous of Ms. Hansen.

So the instructions say to prep your nails first with a quick manicure. Push back your cuticles, shape your nails, and remove any access dirt/ oil with nail polish remover. This last prep step is important because it helps with the adhesion of the strips to your nails. I actually used ChipSkip instead.After your nails are ready you then have to pick the right size strip for your nail. Once you have picked the right size then it’s just like putting a sticker on. Peel that plastic cover off and peel the paper backing off and apply.Easy enough right? The next step isn’t much harder. Fold the excess strip over the tip of your nail and add a little pressure when doing so to make a nice crease.After you have a nice crease along the edge of your nail, use the provided nail file on the light pink side to cut off the excess.File from one side of your nail to the other and it should cut through the strip fairly easily.Cut, peel, and you’re done. Super easy. I completed one hand in 10mins or less. 

A couple of suggestions:

1. If the strips are too wide, not a problem it’s just like getting nail polish on your fingers. These strips come off easily with nail polish remover, but that isn’t even necessary. The thumb strips were a little wide for my fingers so the strip was hanging over both sides of my nails.I cut the excess off first and to remedy the excess on the sides, I ran my nail along the sides to create a nice crease along the strip and I scraped it away. Easy as that. No stress, no worries.

2. If you have shorter nails like mine, I would suggest being a little more “resourceful.” Before you start applying the strips see if half is enough. I found that while cutting off the excess strip I was wasting more than half of it! So if you can cut the strips in half and use them for your other hand.

3. The top felt a little tacky and the instructions don’t say anything about a top coat, but I added a top coat anyways to ensure a long lasting manicure

There are tons of other prints so be sure to check them out here.

Hope this is what you were looking for reader!

Happy polishing.

First Things First.

First things first, right?  Before painting my nails I always give my cuticles a good look.  What’s the point in painting your nails that cute color you’ve been eyeing if your hands look like “man hands?”

Alright.  I’m a broke, UC graduate that doesn’t have money for the nail salon. When I was in school I would do a quick cuticle job and call it a day.  Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I figure I would give my hands a little TLC for all the work they do.  I literally just came from Walmart and I grabbed a few things to give myself a “semi-professional” manicure.  Here are a few quick tips to a good manicure.

1. Always remove your old nail polish.

2. File nails in one direction, not back and forth. This helps to prevent peeling and splitting.

3. If you have time soak your hands in warm water.  If the water is too hot, it will dry out your hands even more.

4. Cuticle remover is a must.  Cuticle nippers can be too harsh and you may cut yourself which could lead to infection! (eek!)

5. Rinse your hands off and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

That’s it! Happy polishing!