Day 15

Have you ever passed by a bottle of Deborah Lippmann and thought, “Who would pay $19-$20 for a bottle of nail polish?!”

I’m gonna admit I do. And what is even worse is that, that’s not the most expensive bottle of nail polish.

Sure I might spend a little here and there for a bottle of butter London, but I usually draw the line when it approaches $20.

HOWEVER–Nordstroms does have sales here and there. Can’t quite fight that…The more and more I write these I think I’m a sucker for sales, but who isn’t?!

So basically here it is, Deborah Lippman Good Girl Gone Bad.



Ok. Is this worth $19? Maybe. It was worth it to make my fiance stop working on the computer to come over and check out my nails because of it’s shimmery-glittery goodness. This is a deep, yet vibrant wine. Then I topped my accent nail with a sideways swipe of OPI Silver shatter.


Here is a picture with backlighting. I just wanted to show you guys the many sides of this shade. It’s such a rich color.


Here is the last shot in shade. It looks like a nice purple grape.

When you apply this polish, I will admit it goes on amazing. It shines and glistens so amazingly, but there is a downfall. This polish dries to a semi-matte finish. Not quite a suede finish, but it isn’t as brilliant as when it is being applied. In these shots I only have one coat of Seche Vite. I’m assuming that if I were to add another top coat then maybe it will be as shiny–*shrug*.

There it is, day 15

Happy polishing!

Let’s go NINERS!! Day 7

photo 1

Here’s my 49er’s manicure for my day 7 challenge. This was slightly time consuming but other wise very easy.

photo 1

First I started with a base coat of OPI Sand On Your Own Feet on all my fingers except my index finger.

photo 2

For my football finger I used an unconventional brown OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!
photo 3

To start the fishtail manicure I started with Julep Scarlett. It wasn’t bold enough with the sparkle so I added just a little bit of OPI Speak For Your-Elf. Just make one diagonal line on your nail from one corner of your cuticle ending at the middle of the nail bed.

photo 4

Using your next color, in my case OPI Morning Glory, paint in the opposite direction of your first stripe.

photo 5

With your next color paint your stripe in the same direction of your first stripe halfway covering your first stripe. Repeat this process with all the colors alternating directions of your stripes and always covering half of your stripe previous.

For the football I used a really small brush and painted lines mimicking a football with OPI Alpine Snow. photo 2

Lets go niners!

Lets go niners!

As the last pictures says, ” Let’s go niners!!”

Happy Polishing!!


Day 3

OPI La Paz-itively HotOPI Gold Shatter

OPI La Paz-itively Hot
OPI Gold Shatter

OPI La Paz-itively HotOPI Gold Shatter

OPI La Paz-itively Hot
OPI Gold Shatter

Day 3 of the challenge–OPI La Paz-itively Hot and OPI Gold Shatter.

I purchased OPI LPH a while back, but (like many of my other polishes) I never used it. I don’t know how many hot pink bottles of nail polish I have, but at first glance they all look the same. What’s the difference then? This deep, bright pink has a very subtle pearl sheen to it. The formula is thin, not too thick and with one coat it can be a little sheer. With two coats you get opaque coverage. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use a bright pink at the end of January, but I was getting tired of the dark winter colors and I can’t wait for Spring. One thing I will say–if you’re passing by a huge collection of pink polishes that all look the same, don’t think to yourself, “I already have a color like that.” My advice, stop and open the bottle. I like to check out the polish. I usually pull the brush out a little bit and look for 3 things:

  1. The consistency–How fast does it run off the brush? 
  2. The finish–Is it cream? Is it pearl? Does it have glitter?
  3. The opacity-How much of the brush itself can I actually see?

If there is a sign that says “don’t open polish” do it really fast (LoL) because no one likes dupes.

OPI Gold Shatter…What’s to say about gold shatter?…

At first I was nervous applying this one as well. I haven’t used it since I bought it and I was afraid it wouldn’t shatter because it was old. I shook it up really well and gave it a go and I remembered why I highly anticipated this shatter. Gold shatter does more than just add a shattered texture to your nails, but it adds a nice little sparkle. I like the bright pink, but I LOVE the sparkle in the shatter. In fact it’s taking me a while to type this post because I can’t stop watching the shatter glisten in this lighting. hahah.

Three days down 362 more to go!

Happy polishing!