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Hello, hello!!
I have finally had a chance to sit down and do a little nail art for you guys! It’s been forever and I deeply apologize! The summer has been so busy with work and birthdays and everyday life, but I squeezed this one in! ❤
This mani actually took me 2.5 different sit down sessions in between my "busy" schedule. I got home from work and did a base paint with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

This is from the Amazing Spiderman collection (which btw if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should. It was pretty good). This is a nice not-quite-white white. It has a slight grey undertone. It keeps this white from being blindingly white like OPI Alpine snow. After I did this base color I went to bed! I was so tired after work and the gym I couldn’t keep my eyes open! LoL! The next morning I sat down 20 minutes before work and continued with the nail art. I pulled out my colors and the tools I needed.

From the front, I used a thin brush that I got from Sephora. It was in a box with a double sided dotting tool for $10. I already had a dotting tool but I really wanted the brush. I figured it didn’t hurt to have this dotting tool because it has two different sizes which is nice. The colors I used OPI Call Me Gwen-ever, also from the Amazing Spiderman Collection. This is a great rich orange cream which is perfect for this hot summer. On the left is OPI Passport And Smile. It’s a pink cream from Ulta’s summer exclusive collection for 2012. I can’t say there is really anything too special about this color except that it reminds me of OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (SMTD) from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

20120712-193855.jpg On the left is OPI SMTD. In the bottle they almost look the same. After swatching the two I noticed that SMTD is thicker. Passport and Smile is thinner and was a little streaky during application on the swatch wheel. Color wise–it is a slightly brighter pink.
The gold polish is OPI Sand On Your Own Feet, another one of Ulta’s exclusives. I actually had this one on my toes last week and I loved the application. It went on smoothly as a slightly glittery, shimmery gold.
The last two are Essie Bikini So Teeny (BST) and Orly Jealous, Much? If you don’t have Essie BST, you should grab your wallet, throw on some flip flops and go get it. It is actually a pretty amazing color. Its a soft, sheer blue with teeny, tiny iridescent specks.
I used the acetone in the back for cleaning up the edges, which isn’t the best idea because it can really dry out your skin. I use it every now and then to get off those really hard to take off glitters and for quick clean ups.
Last, but not least, a piece of paper to put drops of nail polish on.
To forewarn you, the next picture is going to look really bad. Dry cuticles, crooked and uneven lines, everything bad. Hhaha.
What you are going to do is put drops of nail polish on the paper and dip your thin brush into the polish. You want to make lines as even and as straight as possible. You can put them in any order you like for a little more fun. I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t get my lined straight. It was looking terrible. I almost scrapped this mani, but I stuck with it. So here is the terrible picture. Hehhee

20120712-195900.jpg sorry for those readers with the 27″ iMacs that can see my dry cuticles 100x larger than life. Heheheh it gets better though.
Since you are applying the colors in thin lines it doesn’t take long to dry. If your lines look bumpy and uneven, don’t worry. Nothing a good top coat can’t fix! Before the top coat it looked terrible–I was debating if I should even go public with this! After the top coat–

Cute as a button! Hahah. Here is another shot.

It’s a little darker to show you the colors. I completed this mani after I got home from work, hence the 2.5 sessions. Since I didn’t use a top coat before work some of the base color actually rubbed away =(
What do you guys think of this mani?
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and as always…

Happy polishing.

Arrrrrr matey!!

Just came back from watching the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie On Stranger Tides. I spent all night and morning finishing my POTC manicure for the release of this movie. I really enjoyed this movie. I’m not big on 3D movies, my bf made a good point, it’s Disney. They wouldn’t waste a penny on something that wasn’t worth it. It was probably one of the most enjoyable 3D movies I’ve seen so far. Tons of action scenes, mermaids, good CG, and plenty of Johnny Depp (yummy).

But back to business…

Right hand:

POTC manicure Right Hand

Left Hand:

POTC manicure Left Hand


Mermaids Tears with Silver Shatter

On the base of each nail I used Skull & Glossbones by OPI from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that was released May 1st. Here is Skull & Glossbones again complete with Mickey and crossbones that was created with OPI Black Onyx. I used the back of a sewing pin to create Mickey’s silhouette. For the crossbones I used my dotting tool, which was finer than the pin, and a very very thin brush to connect the heads of each bone. To create the stripes on each middle finger I used a good pair of scissors and tweezers. Cut each strip to any desired width and carefully place on nail. It’s best to leave parts hanging off that way it is easier to pull off the nail of course.

Stripes with Planks a Lot

Stripes with Sparrow Me the Drama

Lastly I wanted to try shattering…shatter. So on my right ring finger and my left index finger I put a layer of silver shatter topped with black shatter. I put a layer of topcoat in between to ensure smooth shattering for the black shatter.

Black shatter on top of Silver Shatter

It’s a little hard to see because I used such a light base coat, but I’m sure if you were to use a brighter, contrasting color you would see a cooler effect.

That’s it! Hope you like it. And if you haven’t gone to see the movie yet, I definitely recommend it. And stay after the credits to watch the little snippet. The credits are really long, but I promise there is something at the end.

Happy polishing!!

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

This past weekend was the 15th annual Susan G Komen race for the cure in my area.

Up to 75% of the affiliate’s income is donated toward funding grants for hospitals and community organizations that provide breast health education, breast cancer screenings, and treatment programs.  While the remaining 25% goes towards breast cancer research.

It was my first 5 k and it felt great to be a part of the thousands of participants and survivors in the fight against breast cancer. It was very moving to see the many survivors of breast cancer and it is definitely something I will do again.

In the spirit of the event, I did a quick manicure the night before. I won’t go into many details of this one because there isn’t any new technique. Here are the pictures.

OPI Teenage Dream

Funny Bunny, No Bees Please, Sparrow Me the Drama

OPI No Bees Please

If you’re looking for a very natural nude shade, this is a keeper. It’s very sheer with a very subtle shimmer in it.

OPI Silver Shatter on top of OPI Sparrow Me the Drama

If there is an event in your area I highly suggest participating to support the fight against breast cancer. Getting involved can help heighten awareness of the disease, improve treatment methods, and provide more breast health services to increase the survival rates of breast cancer patients. About 1.3 million individuals, men and women of all ages, are diagnosed with the disease each year. Help make a difference.

Happy polishing.