Rawr!! <3

I know it’s been a long time since my last post. And I apologize. I’ve just been trying to get everything together before school starts (which is this coming Monday!!!! yeeeeee!!)

Hopefully this post makes up for it.

Now, I’m not really one for animal print. A little bit here and a little bit there isn’t so bad though. If I had to pick a favorite animal print it would probably be giraffe or zebra. I didn’t quite have the colors for a giraffe print, but I did do zebra! My inspiration came from this cute mirror for my purse.

I just picked this up at a Sephora the other day for only $8!! I absolutely love Tokidoki. I bought my first Tokidoki bag in 2005. It started with a bag here, some shoes there, a couple of vinyl toys there, and now nails. =)

First I started out with my nailene guides to tape off a slant on my nails.

If you buy the Perfect tips and toes by nailene you get the curved nail strips plus straight strips as well, which is what I used.

Using OPI Alpine Snow I painted the below the nail guide. When they were dry I removed the strip to reveal this.

To create an nice off white I used OPI No Bees Please (3 coats exactly).

I then waited for my nails to completely dry. I taped off my nails with some scotch tape to ensure that I didn’t get any nail polish on the top of my nails. Next, I used my Konad plate m69 for the zebra print. The color I used was OPI San Tan-tonio.

The step by step tutorial on how to use Konad plates is on this post.

I love Konad. It really is amazing and it makes nail art so easy!

To create the Tokidoki heart and crossbones I used my Crayola nail art stencils that I used in my newspaper print manicure to create the heart.

Using a dotting tool and a thin brush I painted the cross bones using OPI Charged Up Cherry.

That’s it. Here is one more picture for you guys.

Happy polishing!!



I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know about you guys but this week seemed super long!

Anyways, Giants. And I mean San Francisco Giants. That means Black and Orange! That means “Fear the beard!!” This weekend is the San Francisco Giants’ second annual pre-game Brewfest. But instead of doing something for the occasion I did pink nails with pretty flowers for my accent nail.


Left hand:

Right hand:

This manicure was difficult for me because I wasn’t really sure where to start. I did my tips with four different colors, why? I’m not really sure. But I started with OPI Alpine Snow. It was way too bold white for what I wanted so I added OPI No Bee’s Please (which I have used many, many times in other posts) to give Alpine snow a nice subtle off white shade. I then did orange crackle on under black shatter. Remember when layering shatters, it works best when applying a top coat between the layers to ensure good shattering.

On my ring finger I attempted to do a baseball. I have to say that I was not breathing for this one. I needed to use such a fine brush that I was so nervous! It isn’t perfect, and I messed up a couple of stitches, but I don’t feel like trying to do it again. I would probably pass out!

First I started with Alpine Snow and No Bees Please. With the fine brush I made the tiniest dots I could make as a guide for the seam of the baseball.

Then using the same brush I used OPI Big Apple Red to make the stitches. This is where the no breathing started.

It’s not perfect, I know, but you can’t tell from a distance. =D

For my index fingers I did one nail with the SF logo and the other Brian Wilson’s famous beard (FEAR THE BEARD!) On both nails I used OPI Black Onyx and OPI Atomic Orange.

(Sorry for the blurry picture)

More pictures:


And happy polishing! =)


Missing in Aloha!

I know I haven’t posted much this week, and I apologize. And I hate to do this to you again, but I will be going on vacation to Hawaii this July 4th!!

For my Hawaiian manicure I wanted to something different. I didn’t want to do the Hawaiian sunset with palm tree silhouette. And I didn’t want to do just hibiscus flowers. So what did I choose?


Oh yes, yes I did.

Ok so she isn’t perfect, but she’s good enough for me. haha

How did I start? First I used OPI No Bees Please for my base color. For HK’s hula skirt, I used three different greens. First I taped off a french tip and with a thin, thin brush I made random strokes of OPI Greenwich Village, OPI Jade is the New Black, and OPI Who the Shrek Are You.

On my ring fingers and my left thumb I used OPI Swimsuit…Nailed it! from OPI’s newest Miss Universe Collection.  To create the hibiscus flowers I used OPI Alpine Snow.

To learn how to do the hibiscus flowers you can watch this video.

She isn’t perfect (her left eye is lopsided), but for HK’s face I used OPI San Tan-tonio, OPI Black Onyx for her eyes and PoP Beauty Sunny for her nose. For the hibiscus flower that replaces her bow, I used OPI You’re a Pisa Work.

Left hand:

Hello Kitty isn’t quite complete without a little pink and sparkles. On my left pinky and right thumb I used two coats of OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle and OPI I Lilly Love You. Both are packed full of little specks of glitter. Servin’ Up Sparkle also has large hexagon shaped glitters in a clear base. I Lilly Love You has small shards and triangle shaped glitters in a sheer pink base. Perfect for HK.

Right Hand:

I hope you enjoyed this one. And ALOHA!

Happy polishing!