Oops, I did it again!

Glitter gradient mani!!

I absolutely loved my previous glitter gradient using OPI Elephantastic Pink and OPI Teenage Dream. (Can be seen here.)

This time I used OPI Swimsuit…Nailed It, OPI Ogre the Top Blue, and OPI Last Friday Night.

I had also used OPI In The Spot Light Pink and OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle.

I have already done the tutorial, but I will show you again.

First, I painted my tips with Swimsuit Nailed it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be even.

Next, lightly paint your next color starting slightly above your first color. Ogre the top blue is a nice cream polish. Cream polishes aren’t really ideal with this manicure, but if you decide to use a cream, make sure you paint it on as lightly as possible to allow the shade underneath to show. This step also does not to be perfect or even. It will add a little bit of character if uneven.

Using your natural/ light pink shade, blend the two colors together. This shade should be sheer. It will help blend the colors together, while blending it with your natural nail color.

I then used Last Friday night to complete this gradient manicure. Again, start slightly above you last color line. Adding multiple layers of this last shade helps to blend the colors more and create a better gradient effect.

Here is one layer of Last friday night. Last Friday Night is a very very light shade of blue so it is slightly difficult to see the blue tone.

Therefore, I used two layers of Last Friday Night.

Lastly, I used OPI Serving Up Sparkle to blend all the layers together and continue the sparkle through the nail bed.

That’s it…again.

Glitter gradient manicures require very little time and doesn’t require a lot of concentration. It is easy nail art that anyone can do.

Happy polishing.



Storm Clouds and Raindrops.

It was supposed to rain all week.  Luckily, the majority of the rain was during the weekend.  The rainy forecast gave me inspiration for my next manicure.  First I started with a base coat of OPI It’s Totally Fort Worth It.

OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It


Already it’s perfect for the weather.  This shimmery gray has a holographic tone on it.  Looks purple mostly with light green undertones.

Next I taped off my nails again and painted angled tips with OPI’s Katy Perry Collection, Last Friday Night.

OPI Last Friday Night/OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It


I waited for my tips to dry so I could tape my nails off again.  The end result…

Storm Clouds and Rain Drops Shattered

This part was a little difficult.  I only had a little part of my nail to apply the shatter too, therefore, if you want to attempt this I suggest using the shatter lightly. thick coats won’t allow for a very good shatter effect.

Happy polishing!

P.S. Look what OPI is coming out with in April and May on my wish list!!! Oh the excitement!!