A Bubble bath is much needed…

I made it out alive people!!!

For those of you that follow my blog you know that I had a very important interview today.  So important that I had to take a whole week off from blogging to STUDY for this interview.  It was hard staying away from here though. I was always thinking about you guys =)  I even have quite a few ideas for posts, so get ready!

But for now this post is about being “professional.” While doing research on what to wear for an interview, I think it’s pretty obvious that you want to go in looking your best.  But you also shouldn’t go in with a full suit and bright green nails.  It may say “Yeah I’m an awesome, daring chick.” But it doesn’t quite scream “I’m always professional.” So for my interview I went with a sweet, soft pink.

OPI Bubble Bath

It was perfect.  It even matched my pink cardigan that I wore! The girl that interviewed me even noticed my nails when I came in. It was perfect.

But the interview is over now so I can rest for a little bit. But now you wonder if I’m going to wear this plain pink all weekend. And I am going to say “Yes ma’am!” I just recently ordered an item from amazon.com that was on my wish list.  This color is part of the Femme De Cirque collection by OPI that came out April 1st.

OPI I Juggle...Men

Doesn’t look like much does it? But let me tell you, this baby takes your flat cream nail polish to a whole different dimension.  What do I mean? Let me show you. First I took a picture of my nails before I Juggle…Men…

OPI Bubble Bath

Pay no attention to the dings. I painted my nails at 8 in the morning before I drove off for my interview (gosh I sure love Drip Dry). But this is the Bubble Bath with no top coat at all.

This is Bubble Bath topped with I Juggle…Men as a top coat.

OPI Bubble Bath with I Juggle...Men as top coat

See the cute specs of holo glitter?? Love it. It was worth the $5+shipping and the  4 days of waiting for my shipment to arrive! =)


If you’re going for something professional but still want to show a little personality try a light pink or a good nude color.  But if you want to take it from professional to fun, I suggest getting I Juggle…Men. Two quick swipes with a drop of Drip Dry and you’re ready to go.

Happy polishing!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

In the spirit of the holiday I decked my nails in green and gold. The green I used was Jade is The New Black and the gold was from OPI’s India collection, Curry Up Don’t Be Late!

I thought about doing something a little fancier, but I painted my nails as quickly as I could and ran out the door for work.  Thanks to OPI Drip Dry, they dried quickly and I was out the door to work without messing it up!

OPI has a great collection of greens.  Here are some that I have in my collection.

OPI Who The Shrek Are You!

Love this color by OPI.  Its super bright and fun. It is more of a yellow-green that is perfect for spring and looks great with OPI Black Shatter.

OPI Green-Wich Village


Another bright green is Green-Wich Village This also looks great under Black Shatter. Here are some swatches. 

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

My last is this dark, dark green.  I have been eyeing this one for a while. I finally had the guts to just buy it, but I had to…Because if it was there today…it would have been “Aragon” tomorrow, literally…(Lame, I know). Anyways, no special occasion necessary to wear this one.  Love it.

That’s all today. Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone! Have fun and be safe!

Happy polishing!