I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know about you guys but this week seemed super long!

Anyways, Giants. And I mean San Francisco Giants. That means Black and Orange! That means “Fear the beard!!” This weekend is the San Francisco Giants’ second annual pre-game Brewfest. But instead of doing something for the occasion I did pink nails with pretty flowers for my accent nail.


Left hand:

Right hand:

This manicure was difficult for me because I wasn’t really sure where to start. I did my tips with four different colors, why? I’m not really sure. But I started with OPI Alpine Snow. It was way too bold white for what I wanted so I added OPI No Bee’s Please (which I have used many, many times in other posts) to give Alpine snow a nice subtle off white shade. I then did orange crackle on under black shatter. Remember when layering shatters, it works best when applying a top coat between the layers to ensure good shattering.

On my ring finger I attempted to do a baseball. I have to say that I was not breathing for this one. I needed to use such a fine brush that I was so nervous! It isn’t perfect, and I messed up a couple of stitches, but I don’t feel like trying to do it again. I would probably pass out!

First I started with Alpine Snow and No Bees Please. With the fine brush I made the tiniest dots I could make as a guide for the seam of the baseball.

Then using the same brush I used OPI Big Apple Red to make the stitches. This is where the no breathing started.

It’s not perfect, I know, but you can’t tell from a distance. =D

For my index fingers I did one nail with the SF logo and the other Brian Wilson’s famous beard (FEAR THE BEARD!) On both nails I used OPI Black Onyx and OPI Atomic Orange.

(Sorry for the blurry picture)

More pictures:


And happy polishing! =)

Arrrrrr matey!!

Just came back from watching the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie On Stranger Tides. I spent all night and morning finishing my POTC manicure for the release of this movie. I really enjoyed this movie. I’m not big on 3D movies, my bf made a good point, it’s Disney. They wouldn’t waste a penny on something that wasn’t worth it. It was probably one of the most enjoyable 3D movies I’ve seen so far. Tons of action scenes, mermaids, good CG, and plenty of Johnny Depp (yummy).

But back to business…

Right hand:

POTC manicure Right Hand

Left Hand:

POTC manicure Left Hand


Mermaids Tears with Silver Shatter

On the base of each nail I used Skull & Glossbones by OPI from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that was released May 1st. Here is Skull & Glossbones again complete with Mickey and crossbones that was created with OPI Black Onyx. I used the back of a sewing pin to create Mickey’s silhouette. For the crossbones I used my dotting tool, which was finer than the pin, and a very very thin brush to connect the heads of each bone. To create the stripes on each middle finger I used a good pair of scissors and tweezers. Cut each strip to any desired width and carefully place on nail. It’s best to leave parts hanging off that way it is easier to pull off the nail of course.

Stripes with Planks a Lot

Stripes with Sparrow Me the Drama

Lastly I wanted to try shattering…shatter. So on my right ring finger and my left index finger I put a layer of silver shatter topped with black shatter. I put a layer of topcoat in between to ensure smooth shattering for the black shatter.

Black shatter on top of Silver Shatter

It’s a little hard to see because I used such a light base coat, but I’m sure if you were to use a brighter, contrasting color you would see a cooler effect.

That’s it! Hope you like it. And if you haven’t gone to see the movie yet, I definitely recommend it. And stay after the credits to watch the little snippet. The credits are really long, but I promise there is something at the end.

Happy polishing!!