Day 62

Day 62: Nail art March Challenge–floral

vintage rose nail artPictorial time.

I have been putting this manicure on the back burner for a while, just because it seemed really challenging for me. In fact, this is way way easier than it looks. As always I do have to apologize for the quality of pictures. I really have to do something with the lighting in this house…

1. Paint your base color. For this manicure I wanted to do something a little off beat. I always see mint green and light pinks, so I chose gray. Gray is actually one of my favorite colors–shades…whatever. This is actually more of a misty blue gray by Orly called Boho Bonnet.

2. This part requires no nail art tools at all. I just simply took the brush out off the bottle of this pretty butter London color–Scoundrel and dabbed small dots around the nail. They don’t have to be perfect since roses aren’t perfectly round anyways, the bumpier the more characteristic. Do try to avoid getting gobs of nail polish on your nail. This is just to help hasten the whole process–the more the polish, the longer the drying time.

3. With a short thin brush I used essie Bond with Whomever to get the highlights of the rose petals. There was no method to this part either. Just dip your small brush in a drop of paint and make random strokes within your flower dot. By making strokes in different directions it gives your roses a little more of a natural look.

4. With the same brush, dip into a nice leafy green color. For my roses I used essie Mojito Madness. This is the fun part because this is where the manicure comes to life. You can really paint leaves wherever you like to fill in the blank spaces and it gives your flowers a nice little pop.

I couldn’t just leave my accent finger blank so I painted stripes using the two purples I used to paint my roses.

I encourage everyone to try this flirty girly manicure. It’s easier than it looks, trust me!

Happy polishing!



Day 52

Day 52: China glaze pink-e-promise & OPI My Vampire Bites


The Instagram theme for the the march nail art challenge was “vintage” so I opted to do a hand painted vintage lace. I don’t really know how to do it, so I improvised. For the stripes I used striping tape and for the lace I used a super thin striping brush and a small brush.


It was difficult to get the lace background perfect. I was so nervous my lines came out so shakey but it is ok because then I can cover up the worse parts with flowers and rhinestones. Which is what I did. =)

Happy polishing.

Day 46

Day 46
Colors: Essie Fiji & OPI sand on your own feet.


I’m behind on my nail art challenge on Instagram. Yesterday’s theme was luck. My manicure was inspired by a gift from my soon to be brother-in-law, a Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace. Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers and this necklace was perfect inspiration for my manicure. I created this look with just a small dotting tool!

Happy polishing!