Day 26

Day 26 day 26Here is my NOTD: Julep Trina Turk Fall 2012 collection in Sophie with pink striping tape.

This was my first time working with striping tape. It’s relatively easy. The tape I purchased from amazon a while back at a really cheap price and shipping was pretty close to nothing. It took a while to get here, but I spent way less than $5 for sure for a whole lot of colors.

I have a small collection of Julep polishes (all sample sizes) because I purchased a Julep Maven 6-month subscription. My experience with Julep has so far been “so-so.” Through the subscription I have been sent a variety of colors and finishes. The creams are the ones I have been using mostly. I have noticed that the creams get kind of thick. With the first coat of this polish it seemed fine, but the second coat seemed a bit thicker. And I’m not sure if others have experienced this, but the polish dries quickly to the touch, but it seemed like it took a while for it to dry completely.  I definitely messed up my right hand a couple of times. I might have been impatient since I was so tired yesterday, but I’m definitely going to give Julep another try.

As for the striping tape, I was sad to notice this morning that my top coat dissolved the color. The pink is supposed to be a little brighter, but it is what it is.

Overall status of this manicure: semi-fail.

I think I might just use the striping tape for guides/templates for other nail art.

Happy polishing!