Day 65

Day 65: Illamasqua Scarceillamasqua scarceGosh I feel like I’m falling in love with Illamasqua Lacquer, but I’m trying to stay in denial. Scarce is a cute little cream jelly light pink with black glitters giving it that speckled look. At first glance the color looks more natural and tan, but when I put it on it definitely made me fall in love.

Happy Polishing! ❤


Day 56

Day 56: illamas

Today I’m keeping it simple. I just got sick this past Friday and I’m having some back aches that aren’t much more fun.
Here I have illamasqua mottle. For a review on this product please refer to my previous posts.

Happy polishing.

Day 55

Day 55: Illamasqua Devotee


Who can say no to a hot pink? Devotee is a wonderful pink to add to the collection. It is in between a cream and a jelly. It goes on smoothly and dries to a soft matte finish. But I love my hot pinks shiny so I added a seche vite top coat. This color definitely welcomes back the California sun for Spring.

Happy polishing.