Day 63

Day 63: Last day of the instagram nail art challenge–theme pastels

pastel aztec nail artHere is another nail art that I have been putting off as well. Sometimes I’m not very patient, but the series finale of The Walking Dead was on so I sat down and painted my nails while I studied as well (life of a student).

The colors I used for the three base colors were:

pink: essie Fiji

green: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

Purple: Sinful Colors Candy coated

The accent white is the good ol’ trusty OPI Alpine snow.

The aztec design itself that I created has no rhyme or reason. It’s more about doodling on your nail. I don’t know how much I enjoy this aztec design so I might try this again. I used two tools: a dotting tool & a small brush. This manicure just takes a little more time and a steady hand more than anything.

Happy polishing & happy easter everyone!

Day 46

Day 46
Colors: Essie Fiji & OPI sand on your own feet.


I’m behind on my nail art challenge on Instagram. Yesterday’s theme was luck. My manicure was inspired by a gift from my soon to be brother-in-law, a Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace. Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers and this necklace was perfect inspiration for my manicure. I created this look with just a small dotting tool!

Happy polishing!

Day 38

Day 38


I was in the mood for a hot pink and this polish sure delivered. What surprised me however was the finish. You think it would give a nice shine bc it is almost the consistency of a jelly, but it dries semi-matte. I liked the finish a lot because it was different so this picture does not contain a top coat.
I made polka dots mainly because I have to practice my dots. I don’t know if I have an unsteady hand or what, but my dots never look perfect. So practice makes perfect!

Happy polishing! ❤