Skip the Chip…

Ok I’m so happy about this that it couldn’t wait until the weekend. I literally just got home from work and took pictures of my nails. If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I picked up OPI ChipSkip. ChipSkip primes your nails to allow the nail lacquer to adhere to your nails better to prevent chipping. I thought that I could put it through a pretty intense test at work because I’m always using my hands. It’s been two days and they haven’t chipped yet. I know you’re thinking your nail polish should last you longer than two days without chipping, but like I said, I use my hands a lot at work and sometimes my nail polish doesn’t even last a day.  Here is a picture of my results.

Sorry for the dry cuticles, I tried to alleviate it with a little bit of lotion, but I couldn’t. Like I said, just got off of work. But the only thing wrong is on my middle finger. The nail polish is wearing away because I was picking at a lot of stickers today, but still no chip.

That’s my exciting news for today. If you don’t have some of this stuff and your nails are always chipping, I would recommend this. But always remember to paint the edge of your nails too with lacquer and top coat.

*Peace Sign*

Happy polishing.

Time to refresh…

After this weekend I needed a good night’s sleep.  I kept waking up with a headache and sore neck.  All these failed manicures have been stressing me out! 😛

I needed something clean and simple to de-stress. I’ve been eyeing this color by Essie for so long and this time I felt it was just what I needed to pick me up. Here it is, Essie Coat Azure.

essie Coat Azure

As part of Essie’s Spring 2011 collection French Affair, this blue is bright and cool for spring.  It also has a light pearlescent shimmer which is cute and flirty.

Other  colors that are hot for Spring are:


OPI Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear


OPI A Grape Fit


OPI Need Sunglasses?


OPI Guy Meets Galveston


Priti NYC September Charm

Happy polishing!