Shatter Breast Cancer…

One bottle at a time!

This September was the release of OPI Pink Shatter. This shatter is much more different than the other shatters that were released.

Along with OPI Pink Shatter I also have CG Broken hearted. This post will be the comparison between the two.

My colors were off a little bit because the light in the room is horrible! My pink shatter looks red in this picture, but it is a darker shade of pink.

First I painted my nails with Butter London Diamond Geezer.

This is perfect for fall. It is a great metallic that has tons of shimmer and shine!

The application of OPI Pink Shatter is almost like a jelly lacquer. It is thin and translucent. As I applied this I wished I had painted my nails with a glitter to do a “shattered candy mani” ( save that one for next time!  )

Here is the shatter of OPI Pink Shatter.

You can still see the slight shimmer texture under the shatter because of the consistency and finish of the shatter.

To better make sense of this I painted one nail with CG Broken hearted which is more like the regular shatters and crackles that has a cream finish.

You can see that CG Broken Hearted is much more opaque.

The OPI Pink Shatter color isn’t as true as the CG crackle due to the fact that it has a jelly finish allowing the color of your base to shine through.

Here are the two together. The finger on the left s CG Broken Hearted and the finger on the right is OPI Pink Shatter.

At first I was hesitant to purchase another pink crackle/shatter, but the fact that these two have different finishes changes it all.

Pink Shatter is in support of Breast Cancer awareness. It is a limited edition launched by OPI which will be available through the months of September and October. OPI will also be donating $25,000 to Komen or the cure.

So ladies, let’s support one another in the fight against breast cancer.

Happy polishing!

My first post!!

Hello out there!! My name is Karinne and if you haven’t noticed yet, I have an addiction to nail polish.  Once I finish my nails, I can’t wait until it chips so I can paint it another color.  I’m not much into doing nail art, mostly because I just don’t have the patience for it, but I do admire the hard work that goes into it.  I’ll try to post some pictures of nail art for some of you out there.  Other than that, it’s just nail polish.  My favorite is OPI, but I have a few bottles of essie and China glaze in my growing collection.  Here are a couple of pics to give you guys a sample of what’s soon to come!  Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can be notified of new posts.  Thanks again!

Oh so Glam! (OPI) and Broken Hearted (China Glaze)

Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em (OPI) Black Mesh (China Glaze)