My first full set!!

Hey y’all!

I’ve been sitting on the idea of acrylic nails for a long time! I’ve always been too scared because of the horror stories of people ripping them off and ruining their natural nails! (Please cross your nails for me and hope that doesn’t happen to me!)

Well-let me just say-it was quite a process if you have never had them applied. I definitely told the girl I’ve never had it before and I’ve done my research. I YouTube some videos to get an idea of the process and I even check out the nail salon on Yelp before I went. I decided to go to a local nail bar that I usually go to for pedicures–Sparkle Nail Bar. 

It’s clean, bright, and modern. The ladies are nice and you can tell they enjoy being there. You could tell the woman that did my nails, Tina, was every detail oriented and I’m very satisfied. I showed her a picture I saw on google and she delivered. 

I opted for acrylic with regular polish because I wanted the length and resilience while being able to change my polish if I wanted to. I didn’t ask what colors she used because after an hour and 15 minutes I was anxious for some fresh air. 

Four hours past my appointment I will say it does feel a little different, but I am enjoying the look! What do you guys think!?

 Until next time! Happy polishing! ❤️

Happy holidays!

Hello! I wanted to do something simple for the holidays, and I thought I’d share!


I might do another set if this doesn’t last me through the rest of December. My friend gave me the cute idea of light blue snowflakes and I really want to try that out if I get the chance!

Happy holidays, everyone!


I love gradients!

Hey everyone, I thought I’d share my current design! These are my go-to lazy nails cause they’re super easy but look like they took effort :P

I start with any base color and create the gradient with OPI Goldeneye. No extra tools necessary!


Have a happy thanksgiving!