Day 76

Day 76: butter London Gobsmacked

This is a poor quality picture on purpose. I want to show the sparkle in this polish by blurring it out, and the color is a plus as well. Everyone loves a dark color and when you add a little become gobsmacked!

This polish is very interesting in the fact that without a topcoat it is almost like a liquid sand/pixie dust. Therefore you can wear this with or without a top coat. Either way you’re ahead of the trend curve.

Happy polishing.

Day 69

My fiancé was cutting some sushi. I asked him how much longer and he tells me it’s not going to take long at all. He continues to say that I won’t have time to paint my nails if that’s what I was thinking.
I walked away thinking, “Watch me.”
Two minutes later my nails were painted and he comes in giving me a piece of sushi. We both smile at each other because we both know I proved him wrong. Heheh.

Happy polishing.