Back in businesses! 

Hey readers!
Long time no see!! I’m writing to say I am back and I have brought a friend with me!

Lots of things have happened since the last time I’ve written a post! I graduated from pharmacy school, passed all my boards, and I am preparing to become a full fledged pharmacist!

In the midst of all the chaos I met someone that is as enthusiastic about doing her nails as I am!

I would like to introduce my partner in nail-crime-Irisa!

I will be sharing this site with her creativity!

I will also try to revamp the whole site! So stay tuned!!

As always, happy polishing!! ❤️

I’m overwhelmed. …

I don’t know what to tell you guys. Spring semester of pharmacy school was tough. I’m not going to lie. Now I’m on summer break,but I am working full time!! Happy for the pay check but not for my feet/back/legs/etc. the list can go on!! I come home exhausted most of the time and I can’t think of anything creative to do =..(

I will say that just because I haven’t found much inspiration, doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop! =) the only thing is…..

I keep buying nail polish and I don’t have time to paint them!! All these bottles keep piling up! Thank goodness the fiancé hasn’t said anything…
(That also happened while I have been away fiancé) <3<3<3

Therefore I have been busy with work and planning for a wedding here and there. Not to mention I’ve been looking at wedding manicures as well.

Don’t worry! I haven’t abandoned my readers, I just haven’t come up with anything super creative yet to come back with a BANG! It will happen though!
Until then…
Happy polishing!

And yes, I just painted my nails.

Happy Sunday funday everyone. It has been a long time since my last post. And I apologize. I completed my first year in pharmacy school and now i am enjoying my first summer break.
My fiancé decided he wanted to double date at the shooting range with his new rifle. (rolling my eyes–whatever. Hehhe) He told me I could wear anything I want as long as it is comfortable. And of course a maxi dress isn’t the first thing that comes to most people’s minds, but hey–it’s comfortable. I had to go into the office to sign in and the man working there says “That is some outfit to come shoot rifles…” and my response, “Hey, don’t judge me on my dress; judge me on my aim.” The man behind the counter says “that is true” LoL
As I walked out another man says “I’ve never seen anyone wear a dress to the range.” I wanted to walk over and say “Yeah and look at this new color I just painted my nails before I left, but I didn’t have enough time to curl my hair. =)” I do have to say that this is a color to show off!

Essie Camera and OPI Pirouette My Whistle. Essie Camera is slightly sheer-jelly that goes on smoothly. Pirouette My Whistle has white hexagon glitter flakes and small glitter specks which add a nice “spunky” touch to any manicure.
So again, I may be wearing a dress to a gun range, but don’t take me too lightly. At 50 yards out, I don’t think I’m that shabby.


Happy polishing.