Hello my name is Karinne and I am in love with nail polish. Most of my collection consists of OPI, but I also have plenty of essie, China Glaze, Sinful colors, and Sephora by OPI.

I am a graduate from the University of California, Davis. I obtained my B.S. in applied chemistry with an emphasis in pharmaceutical chemistry. I am now a pharmacy student at the California Northstate College of Pharmacy.

I love all things sparkly and cute. I’m rough around the edges, but I’m a softie on the inside.  Despite these characteristics,  I still like to get down and dirty. If I chip my manicure, great. That just means I can paint my nails another color.

Through this blog you will not only get to know more about nail polish, but I will also give you guys a small glimpse into my life.

❤ peace and happy polishing!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. HI, my name is Jackie- Kristine’s friend. I love your blog and your OPI collection. thanks to you im now going to buy OPI’s drip dry drops. it really does the job?

  2. Which is right. I have some nice sparkle nail polish but it is so thick you can’t brush on nails as try as you might it pick up some of what is on and can’t spread out at all. One place you mention don’t use nail polish remover to thin out and in another you say it is ok..isn’t removal product bad for the nail. I can’t spread this OPI out at all and think i it needs more improvment or explination with the polish as to what to do when this happens…there are no instructions…so what should I do take it back and never buy again. It is expensive and I do like the glitter right in the polish..Help… Thank you Ms. T (do you put on a back coat first and then put on a top coat? How do you remeove the polish as sparkled polish is very hard to remove even if you happen to get on hands…help me please…thank you again.

    • For thickened nail polish I would personally suggest purchasing nail polish thinner. I only mentioned that OPI said it was ok to use nail polish remover because I caught their comment on FB. Me personally, I wouldn’t. Nail polish remover and nail polish thinner have different ingredients. From what I know, nail polish thinner is the solution that most nail polishes use to help to “dissolve” the main components of the polish giving it the watery consistency. I have seen nail salons use remover, I just wouldn’t personally use it on my own polishes. I suggest, if you really love the polish, to grab a bottle of nail polish thinner from your nearest beauty supply store.
      In regards to base (back) and top coats, I do use base coats all the time. I really love essie “Feed Me” because it hydrates your nails while helping your polish stick to your nails. You’ll notice this base coat dries, but it has a sort of tacky feel which is great for long lasting manicures. Top coats are important as well for the longevity of your manicure plus if you use a great top coat like seche vite you get a great shine!
      Glitter/sparkled polishes are a pain to remove and there a few options to help alleviate this.
      1. Adding a couple of coats of a base color under the glitter.
      2. Using a nail polish remover with a higher amount of acetone. This can dry out your nails more so make sure you moisturize. When using this option you should hold the moist cotton ball/pad on your nail for at the most a minute while you wiggle it around to help let the remover soak into the polish and loosen the glitter.
      3. If you don’t want to use acetone remover, non-acetone remover works as well, but it will take longer. Other blogs have suggested using a cotton ball per nail wrapped in foil and to leave them wrapped for about 10-15 minutes. I have not personally tried this though.

      For glitter/polish on your skin I love to use vaseline. First apply your base coat and let that dry. Using a Q-tip apply a little bit of vaseline just around the nail. Try not to get it on your nail because it will make it harder for the polish to stay. Once you finish applying your nail polish let it dry and the excess polish on your skin can easily be scratched off.
      I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!

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