Day 78

Day 78: Different Dimensions Sparkles Like Edward

Sparkles Like EdwarThe name of this polish was the main motivation behind buying this polish. I’m not a twilight fan by any means, nor am I team edward. I just liked the name. I definitely giggled out loud when I stumbled across this polish.

Beside the clever name of this polish, it is amazingly beautiful. It is a cream polish with a slight jelly effect. The jelly effect allows for the layering of the glitters to give this mani more depth. This is not a flat cream. As you can see in this picture, if you look at the middle of the bottle there is a pink sheen to the polish. In the light you can see this pink shimmer hidden in the polish. As if this polish didn’t have enough glitter in it they added this pink shimmer that is just to die for!

The polish went on perfectly and it dried fast! There is nothing I can find to complain about.

Happy polishing!