Day 47

Day 47: China Glaze Snap My Dragon and Color Club Kismet
color club kismet

I have a friend that is a true believer in “kismet”, fate or destiny, so I had to get this color from color club. I have had my on color club halo hues and last week I finally decided to just buy them. The consistency is a little thick, but it doesn’t really affect the application of this lacquer. The holo effect is AMAZING. The picture isn’t the best, I just wanted to show the holo hue.

China Glaze Snap My Dragon is pinkish red from the avant garden collection. The application is smooth but I think I jumped the gun on the second coat since I got a couple if bubbles after it dried.

Dots were created with OPI Black Onyx with a dotting tool again. It was just a simple design. I was planning on duplicating the nails from Oz the Great and Powerful that Rachel Weisz had, but my fiancé surprised me with dinner reservations tonight (which we are on the way too right now. <3)

Happy Polishing!


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