Day 29

Day 29: Zoya Pixie Dust Vs. OPI Liquid Sand

Indoor lighting

Indoor lighting

When it comes to nail polish, the most important factor these days is texture, texture, & texture. If was in the middle of a team exam and my group stops to tell me that my nails were so distracting! (sorry guys =P) Between the two brands the texture is the same, but there are major differences between the two. Mainly I used Zoya Godiva (I love the name!) and I used OPI Get Your Number on my accent nail. The application was already different. I noticed when I was opening the bottle and wiping the excess off of the brush Zoya’s Pixie Dust was a little bit more gritty. It almost felt as if someone has dumped fine sand in the bottle–I didn’t get that feeling from OPI, but it doesn’t hinder the application at all. Texture to the touch feels just about the same, if anything, I would say that Zoya has more of an even texture than OPI. Visually, they are incomparable. Zoya has more of a glistening shimmer because this polish has small silver glitters in their semi-creamy polish. Whereas OPI has more of a sparkle because they have larger holo glitters in their jelly-like consistency. Here is another picture in evening natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight

Natural sunlight

Overall, I like both differently. Even though they were both manufactured on the same concept, their effect and execution is different. I would say that liquid sand and pixie dust are the same in that they offer the same textured finish, but that’s it. I might enjoy the Zoya one a little bit more–MIGHT. =)

Happy polishing!

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