Day 27

What a day! I’ve finally figured out how to organize SOME of my nail polish. After much debate and hours walking around IKEA I found some metal rods in the kitchen section. The were offset enough to place a bottle of nail polish and lean it against the wall (yes, I walked around with 4 different nail polish bottles in my purse).

wallI got the grundtal racks. I got 10 of the 31 1/2 inch ones. Each one holds about 22 polishes. They come with a connector so you can connect two of the rods together. Installation was pretty easy, especially if you have a nice fiancé to screw the screws in for you. Unfortunately I underestimated the size of the bottles so I don’t have enough racks for the amount of nail polish I have, but it works!

On to the nail of the day.

Day 27 OPI The Impossible Mariah Carey Liquid Sand

Paint drip mani tutorial.

photo 2This manicure was quick and easy. The only tools needed were a dotting tool and a surface to place nail polish on.

First you start with your drop of polish and your dotting tool. With the dotting tool, dip it into the polish and draw a line from the middle of your nail toward the edge of your nail. These will form the drip patterns on the nail, so feel free to draw them randomly wherever and however you like. After you are done drawing your drip pattern, dip your tool in the polish again to make the starting point of your line bigger–forming your paint droplet.

nail polish dripAfter you have completed your drip lines, you’re done with the dotting tool. Simply take your nail polish brush and paint semi-curvy lines on your tips. It’s better to be a little wavy to give it that natural paint dripping look. paint drip manicureThat’s it, and the best thing about liquid sand is that you don’t use a top coat. Makes this manicure faster than ever.

paint drip manicureHappy polishing!