Day 15

Have you ever passed by a bottle of Deborah Lippmann and thought, “Who would pay $19-$20 for a bottle of nail polish?!”

I’m gonna admit I do. And what is even worse is that, that’s not the most expensive bottle of nail polish.

Sure I might spend a little here and there for a bottle of butter London, but I usually draw the line when it approaches $20.

HOWEVER–Nordstroms does have sales here and there. Can’t quite fight that…The more and more I write these I think I’m a sucker for sales, but who isn’t?!

So basically here it is, Deborah Lippman Good Girl Gone Bad.



Ok. Is this worth $19? Maybe. It was worth it to make my fiance stop working on the computer to come over and check out my nails because of it’s shimmery-glittery goodness. This is a deep, yet vibrant wine. Then I topped my accent nail with a sideways swipe of OPI Silver shatter.


Here is a picture with backlighting. I just wanted to show you guys the many sides of this shade. It’s such a rich color.


Here is the last shot in shade. It looks like a nice purple grape.

When you apply this polish, I will admit it goes on amazing. It shines and glistens so amazingly, but there is a downfall. This polish dries to a semi-matte finish. Not quite a suede finish, but it isn’t as brilliant as when it is being applied. In these shots I only have one coat of Seche Vite. I’m assuming that if I were to add another top coat then maybe it will be as shiny–*shrug*.

There it is, day 15

Happy polishing!