Day 13


Happy weekend!

Today’s manicure is OPI OPI..Eurso Euro and OPI

These colors together are amazing! I was just getting ready to take my fiancé out on a date so I grabbed two new polishes. I am so happy I grabbed these and I will tell you why.

OPI…Eurso Euro is a deep opaque navy-violet blue. This blue hue is so deep it’s–sexy! I don’t even know how else to describe it. And when you top it with seche vite top coat it’s like the polish smacks you right in the face bc it’s so amazing.


OPI is such a fun glitter. These glitters have such dark shades to them, but when you add them on top of any color, they just might steal the show. I’m sitting in the middle of a dark theater and I can still see the big hexagonal glitters shine.

Gotta go!

Happy polishing