Day 9


I couldn’t wait to post this one, since I can’t stop staring at them.

First off, I’m practically blind without my glasses and I decided to paint my nails around 11:30 at night in a dark room with nothing but the small ikea lamp on. So given the fact that I’m blind and in the dark, I randomly picked a color and out popped OPI Samoan Sand. This is an older color that I randomly came across at Ulta. I’ve heard so many good things about this polish so, with my coupon in hand I marched to the check-out line.

Applying this polish is practically amazing. It looks like a cream at first glance, but it has a slight transparency to it. In two coats it is perfectly opaque with high shine. If you’re going for that nude look, this is a great polish for any skin tone.

On my accent nail I decided to do a little bit of flare with an Ulta OPI exclusive Meet Me At the Bonfire. This is a jelly finish polish so it is is transparent. I did not intend to put this on my accent nail therefore there is one coat of Samoan Sand underneath these two coats. Applying Samoan sand under MMATB gave it a boost in color which I absolutely love and I couldn’t stop there. I decided to do something a little different. I didn’t want to do a French tip, but I is want a little color on my nude nails so only painted the edges of my nails. Just painting the edge of your nails adds just enough pop of flare.

What do you guys think??

Happy polishing y’all!!