Let’s go NINERS!! Day 7

photo 1

Here’s my 49er’s manicure for my day 7 challenge. This was slightly time consuming but other wise very easy.

photo 1

First I started with a base coat of OPI Sand On Your Own Feet on all my fingers except my index finger.

photo 2

For my football finger I used an unconventional brown OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!
photo 3

To start the fishtail manicure I started with Julep Scarlett. It wasn’t bold enough with the sparkle so I added just a little bit of OPI Speak For Your-Elf. Just make one diagonal line on your nail from one corner of your cuticle ending at the middle of the nail bed.

photo 4

Using your next color, in my case OPI Morning Glory, paint in the opposite direction of your first stripe.

photo 5

With your next color paint your stripe in the same direction of your first stripe halfway covering your first stripe. Repeat this process with all the colors alternating directions of your stripes and always covering half of your stripe previous.

For the football I used a really small brush and painted lines mimicking a football with OPI Alpine Snow. photo 2

Lets go niners!

Lets go niners!

As the last pictures says, ” Let’s go niners!!”

Happy Polishing!!