Day 2

Essie-StylenomicsEssie-Stroke of Brilliance

Essie-Stroke of Brilliance

Essie-Stroke of Brilliance

Day 2 of this challenge includes two Essie polishes–Stylenomics & Stroke of Brilliance.

Stylenomics is described by Essie as a “Wealthy, rich, and opulent dark green,” and it definitely lives up to this description. I found Stylenomics to have a very rich formula. It’s thin enough to give a smooth application, but it’s thick enough to get good coverage with once swipe. The color in and of itself is so rich in color. The green runs so deep it’s practically black.

Stroke of Brilliance is a luxeffect polish of platinum-powder blue- large hexagon and small round glitters. The glitter in this clear polish is suspended just enough to apply this polish as a glitter gradient tip. I think the secret to a successful glitter gradient tip is having the glitter sparsely suspended (slightly) so you can add as many layers to get just the right amount of gradation. What do I mean?

When doing glitter gradients it’s best to build upon each layer, but starting each layer lower than the previous layer. So starting from the top of your nail bed (cuticle) you want to have at least one full length stroke, from cuticle to tip, with the least amount of glitter possible trying to avoid using the big glitter pieces. Second stroke starts about halfway below the cuticle with a mixture of glitter–trying to apply a little more glitter than your first stroke. Repeat this process until you notice the gradient. I usually try to use the big glitters around the tip so that it fills the space, but has the illusion of a lot of glitter.

Happy polishing! ❤


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