No time!!

Are you always on the go?
In between school, meetings, family outings, and friendly dinners it is hard to find time to pamper my hands. When I really want to give myself a manicure I find it very hard to sit down and remove my nail polish, care for my cuticles, and paint my nails. What’s one solution?

Doing part of the work on the go.

If you carpool or take the bus/taxi or even walk to your next destination take these little babies with you.


These one step pads are made of felt and they are soaked with moisturizing nail polish remover. They aren’t overly soaked so there is no remover dripping down your fingers as you remove your polish. It is infused with aloe to help moisturize and condition your nails while you remove your polish.

I literally grabbed two packets before leaving the house and threw them in my purse pocket.


They are small, convenient, and quick. If you leave the pad on your nail for a few seconds the polish can be easily wiped off.


These pads work really well. The only thing I can say is to make sure there is not a lot of air draft where you are using these. I had the car window open to keep the odor low for my fellow carpooler. But by the time I got to my last nail the pad dried out and I couldn’t remove the nail polish on my thumb.


I used one pad per hand because the pad dried so quickly. I will have to try them in a more enclosed area next time. Despite this con I did like these pads. They clean the nail very well and my nail beds are not left dry crying for lotion.

I received these from a mail order subscription to julep. I encourage my readers to check out the julep maven subscription at julep

Happy polishing.


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