My summer break is coming to an end. It is slightly bitter sweet. Can’t wait to get the second year of pharmacy school over with, but I also don’t want to give up my sleep. LoL. Oh well.
I did yet another Tokidoki manicure. I bought some nail decals from sephora and I have been dying to use them. I’ve also been wanting to do a make-up sponge color gradient manicure tutorial. So I mashed them up together and let me show you what came out of it.
Whenever I think of Tokidoki I think of patterns and bright colors. In order to make the colors really pop I used a soft white polish. I used OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu.

Then I painted a diagonal stripe across my nail with OPI Sand On My Own Feet. I love this gold. It feel so retro to me. It’s not too yellow and it’s has just enough sparkle to it.

This is what happens when you paint your nails late at night and you’re super tired. LoL

It’s ok though. The table is covered with bottles of polish anyways. Hahahha
To do the gradient you need pieces of make up sponges, some tweezers (optional), and a surface to place drops of nail polish.

Here I’m using a watch glass that I got from one of my chemistry classes… …works perfectly, but you can also use paper or foil or plastic. Pretty much whatever you desire. After you place a drop of polish on your dish/paper pick up the sponge with the tweezers and dab it in the drop of polish. Dab the sponge on your nail starting with where you want the color the darkest working towards the area you want the color to fade off.

Be careful on which side of the sponge you use. If you use the ripped edge of the sponge too much, tiny bits of the sponge will tear off and stick to your nails.
I repeated this on the opposite edge of my nail with Julep Robin. If your middle color is not as visible you can lightly dab the middle color with a sponge and lightly press into the two edge colors.

20120804-151634.jpg I definitely had to add a little more gold to a few nails. I got a little too excited with the pink (Essie Cute as a button).


To finish this mani I painted cheetah print on both my thumbs and pinky fingers. On my three middle fingers I used my Sephora Tokidoki nail decals. And here is the finished product.


Happy polishing.


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