I’m overwhelmed. …

I don’t know what to tell you guys. Spring semester of pharmacy school was tough. I’m not going to lie. Now I’m on summer break,but I am working full time!! Happy for the pay check but not for my feet/back/legs/etc. the list can go on!! I come home exhausted most of the time and I can’t think of anything creative to do =..(

I will say that just because I haven’t found much inspiration, doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop! =) the only thing is…..

I keep buying nail polish and I don’t have time to paint them!! All these bottles keep piling up! Thank goodness the fiancé hasn’t said anything…
(That also happened while I have been away fiancé) <3<3<3

Therefore I have been busy with work and planning for a wedding here and there. Not to mention I’ve been looking at wedding manicures as well.

Don’t worry! I haven’t abandoned my readers, I just haven’t come up with anything super creative yet to come back with a BANG! It will happen though!
Until then…
Happy polishing!


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