Opposites attract

So my #1 fan sent home a bottle of Magnetix Nail Polish with my BF. I was so excited to try it since I have been yet to try any of the magnetic nail polishes. At first I wasn’t sure about this trend because I was afraid it would leave a bumpy texture. To my surprise it is actually smooth! As I was applying the Magnetix I remembered I had purchased the one from Sephora (who knows when!!) but never used it. So here are the two together.

The Magnetix is very subtle while the Nails Inc. is more “BAM! In your face!” The super great thing about the Magnetix is that you get two magnetic designs as opposed to just one on the Nails Inc.

You get one straight line magnet and a curvy magnet. This time I used the curvy magnet.

Overall I like them both. I can’t say I like one over the other. It all depends on where you’re going ie. work, club, date, etc. Nevertheless it is very cool.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my wonderful fan. It is much appreciated. ❤

Happy polishing!


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