Snow White & the Funny Bunny

I am starting this new project with my blog. For months now I have been trying to think of a clever way to show you what colors I have in my collection. The way I WANT to do it won’t happen mainly because i don’t have the knowledge to create it, nor do I have the time to learn. SO I have decided to swatch each color and review it and on my page titled, “My Growing Collection,” I will include a link to the post for reference. I figured the best way to tackle my collection is to start from one storage unit and work my way through that and on to the next one.

So first I have Funny Bunny by OPI. Now normally this would be a one polish kind of post but I do notice that a lot of people out there are trying to find out the difference between Funny Bunny and Alpine Snow. By first glance the look the same–white.

But these colors couldn’t be more different. When you open Funny Bunny you will notice the consistency is almost like a slightly thinned out Elmer’s glue. Here is one coat of Funny Bunny.

And here is one coat of Alpine Snow.

Alpine Snow is more like white out. This reminds me of the days in elementary school when I actually used to use White Out on my nails during class. Ah memories. =)
Here is two coats of each polish. The first picture is of Funny Bunny and the second picture is Alpine Snow.


And a side by side picture with Funny Bunny on the left and Alpine Snow on the right.


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