I’m back!

Hello! My has it been a long time! I don’t have as much time to do my nails as fancy as I would like to, but just having polish on is good enough for me some times. This manicure I actually did AT school while I waited for a meeting to start! It is raining here in California today so I picked some colors to compliment the weather.
I started out with OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts.

Then to “spice it up” a bit I used OPI Super Bass Shatter to make a checkered pattern with the always reliable Scotch tape! All you have to do is get two pieces of tape and place them like so…

Paint on your first quarter then wait for it to dry.

After that is dry get more tape and place OVER your first square like so…

Let that dry and add a top coat and you’re done. VOILA! Checkers. ❤

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I did this at school and it didn’t even take long!

And by the way, I do have to let you guys know that since this was done at school I didn’t have my regular camera with me. I took all the pictures and wrote this post from my wonderful iPhone. But also the colors might not show as their true colors. I love my iPhone, but sometimes you can’t quite capture the colors exactly as they should be. Sorry, I hope you’ll forgive me! =)

Happy polishing!


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