Whew! What a New Year celebration. I just wanted to share with you guys the mani I did to ring in the new year. It wasn’t anything related to the new year, it was just on my list of “manicures to try”. 

So  I started out with OPI’s Nicki Manaj Collection, Fly

I apologize for the color not being accurate. I’ve tried playing with the settings on my camera, but I just couldn’t quite capture the right color. But if you happen to come across this color I do recommend you get it. The color is stunning and fun. It is a great cream to add to the collection.

Next I used OPI Designer De Better from the Muppets Collection. Take a drop of your second color on a piece of paper, and using your dotting tool make random dots along your nail like so…You can do it all over the nail or on part of the nail like I did, however you want really, just make sure they aren’t TOO spaced out.

Next take a third color (I used OPI Black Onyx) and place drop on the paper. Using a thin brush make random marks around the dots.**Thanks to the bf for taking an “action shot” for me** And it should look like this.And really that’s it. The lines around the dot don’t have to be perfect. I’ve also added a few more random spots around the nail for a little more character. But experiment with other colors and have fun with it. If it isn’t perfect don’t worry about it, rock it. One last picture. 

Happy polishing!


One thought on “Animalistic…

  1. Love this…I had the same problems with fly with capturing an accurate color, it just wasn’t cooperating. It still looks really pretty in person and in your pics as well.

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