Baby It’s Cold Outside!

My goodness!! Christmas is right around the corner and I can’t hardly wait.

I’m sure we all have many Christmas parties to go to and you’re not quite sure how you wanna do you’re nails. If you aren’t too into doing crazy nail art, here is one manicure that will be cute enough to wear through to the new year! (omg I can’t believe it will be 2012…)

From my Black Friday haul I picked up a duo pack of Butter London nail lacquer  containing Dark Knight and Tart with a Heart. This post is a swatch of Tart with a Heart. I saw this in the Ulta ad and I absolutely fell in love! ❤

This is a very, very soft gold glitter with lots of iridescent glitter flakes. Metallics and glitter is always in fashion for the holidays, you can never go wrong. This lacquer is very simple and light, meaning it isn’t too heavy on the glitter.

This is one coat of TwaH. It is a clear base with little glitter flakes so it is very natural, but with just enough sparkle. If you wanted a little more “oomph” out of this polish then I would suggest using a color base with a light shimmer to compliment the glitter.

Here is two coats with TwaH, maybe this was a little generous on the coat… I love-love-loved the application of this lacquer. It went on smooth and dried quickly. Here are a couple of shots in the sunlight.

Are your tips ready for the holidays?

Happy polishing ❤


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