Gone Gonzo…and lovin’ it…

Today I have yet another swatch of The Muppets collection from OPI, Gone Gonzo. OPI GG is another super glittery blue nail lacquer that I absolutely had to have. I was going through all my polishes and I noticed I didn’t have many blue polishes, so I am happy to add this one to the collection.

First I painted my nails with OPI Ogre The Top Blue. The blues are not a perfect match, but the reason why I add a “foundation” color is to make the glitter color more intense and to aid in removal of glitter. I’m with you guys, glitter nail polishes are a pain to take off. They usually leave my fingers sore from rubbing so hard. But if you have at lease 2 good coats of a base color and some good nail polish remover, you shouldn’t have a hard time removing any glitters.

I then topped OPI OTTB with OPI Gone Gonzo.

Outside lighting

Outside lighting

Inside lighting

How do you guys like it?

Happy polishing.


2 thoughts on “Gone Gonzo…and lovin’ it…

  1. Love your layering! Gone Gonzo is one of my favorites from the muppets collection. I’ve only worn it alone though with 2 heavy coats. I really like the results with your layering…its beautiful and takes out some of the pain of removing 2 layers of pure glitter 🙂

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