I’m drowning in bottles of nail polish!!

Ok, maybe a little over dramatic.

I don’t have as many nail polishes as most bloggers do, but I think I might have a lot more than the average person. I have so many I don’t really know what to do with them. I just have them laying around the bedroom, in the bathroom, on the floor, etc. I used to be like most, in that an old shoe box would suffice. And then that shoe box would have to be retired to a bigger cardboard box. And then that got out of hand so for a Christmas gift, about 4 years ago, my oldest sister got me a train case for nail polish. I absolutely love it. It is by OPI, so all of my nail lacquers fit perfectly in it! This baby has two compartments. The top compartment is the best part!

*I love my three little minis* The top compartment is separated into little squares to fit each bottle separately.

The bottom part is divided into three parts. I’m assuming that this is where you are supposed to put your cotton balls and what-nots in here, but forget that! I needed the space for more nail polish. The right side still has OPIs double stacked and the left side is for miscellaneous bottles.

You’d think that is enough, but nope. I had a whole boat load of nail polish on the table at the foot of my bed, that the bf hated! Honestly, I hated it too… Luckily my sister was having a garage sale and I found something that is perfect for nail polish. This didn’t cost me anything (thank you dear sister), but I’m sure you guys can find one of these for relatively cheap as well, a drawer organizer!

My bf was so happy I got all that nail polish off the table and got it organized together. We also had an old little TV stand laying around so I took that home with me that I can use as a bigger storage and nightstand. So I finally was able to get my stuff cleaned up and organized and I couldn’t be happier!

*Yes, I have about 15 bottles left that I can’t quite fit anywhere!*

Ahhh…It feels so good to get organized…As for the rest of the room….that can wait until next week! hahah

Happy polishing!


6 thoughts on “I’m drowning in bottles of nail polish!!

  1. I love the OPI case very pretty, I have a plain pink case from them slightly different to yours though. I have just upgraded to a Helmer from Ikea I need help lol :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  2. I love your OPI train case. How many bottles do you think it can hold? My situation is similar to yours, I probably don’t have hundreds of bottles like most other bloggers, but I most definitely have more than the average person. My coffee table and table where I blog is always covered in bottles. For now I mostly hold all of my bottles in my closet in a two drawer plastic storage case. Its not going to last much longer since it tips over when I open the drawers since they are so heavy now haha…I do like the train case and the wicker drawer organizer (good idea!). I’m going to have to look for one. It just seems so hard to find anything good…maybe i’m just too picky 🙂

  3. Is there any way you would be interested in selling the train case (to me)? Words cannot explain how much I want this case…I’m willing to give you a reasonable offer

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