Black label…

If you guys love OPI as much as I do, you know that OPI has green colored barcodes at the bottom of their bottles. Have you ever seen black barcodes, like this…

Some would say it is a fake, but I’m going to tell you that it isn’t. If you guys are big OPI lovers like me you know why one is black and the other is green.

Ok so how do I know that it’s not a fake? Mostly because I know this was purchased at Ulta. It might not say much because people can buy nail polish from anywhere these days and return fake ones to just about anywhere. But you can see the color code is the same (NL M28). You can examine the colors and compare them and there is going to be a very,very slight difference

AND OPI has their wonderful pro wide brush, but when you open the bottle with the black label, there is no pro wide brush.

So how can I say it’s not a fake? Because it’s not. =)

Back in 2006, OPI changed their nail lacquer formula to no longer contain  DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and formaldehyde. Why? DBP is used to increase the fluidity/ plasticity of the material it is added too. sounds ok right? But what you don’t know is that DBP was listed as possible teratogen–what the heck does that mean? Teratogens have the ability to cause birth abnormalities. =X

Other nail lacquers contained not only DBP and formaldehyde, but it also contained toluene–which has fumes that can negatively effect your brain. So why am I telling you this? Before the fall of 2006 OPI contained DBP and formaldehyde and their labels were black ORIGINALLY. Since changing to a “Three Free” brand, OPI has changed their labels to green.

Because they had to change the formula to make it more safe for the population, the colors have slightly changed as well.

Here is the most current form of Los Cabos Coral in two coats. It is a nice creamy coral with a soft/subtle shimmer.

Here is the old formula of Los Cabos Coral in two coats. You can see it is not as creamy/opaque as the new formula, therefore having a slightly lighter tone. Another characteristic I noticed is that it had a little bit more shimmer.

Here are the two right next to each other. The one on the left is the newest formula and the right is the older formula. You might not be able to notice that much of a difference, but it’s there.

Am I saying that you should throw your old bottles away as biohazards and blah blah blah…No. I would just say use cautiously. =) I wouldn’t repaint your nails every single day and stick your nose over the opening and  take a huge whiff, that would just be asking for trouble!

I topped this cute color with some OPI Gold shatter and called it a day!

Happy polishing!


3 thoughts on “Black label…

  1. Ugh, miss the black labels. Maybe not with the DBP but the Toluene works miracles! As long as you don’t eat the stuff or work in a salon, you’d be just fine. Great article!

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