Natural Beauty.

Afternoon readers.

I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to post next. I’ve been going pretty crazy with the nail art and I kind of needed a little break. But here is something super simple, it took me less than five minutes.

So my sister had gone to a flea market about a month ago and picked out some  pretty cool things for me. One of which I have already used (Check out the post here). The other little goodies that she got for me were dried flowers that you can use on your nails which is what my post is about today.

First I painted my nails with essie Mint Candy Apple.

Love this mint color. It is perfect for Spring and Summer. It has a smooth application as does any essie nail polish, but I always miss my OPI pro-wide brush.

Next I opened the little packet of dried flowers.

There were three little bunches of flowers. It was a little difficult to separate them because I didn’t want to damage the flowers. I used a pair of scissors to cut off specific branches I wanted to use as well. With a little bit of “glue” (aka top coat) stick the flowers on and press  gently to adhere flowers to nails.

I continued on to the next nails trying to make a scattered look to make it look like they were blowing away. I wasn’t too successful,  but I didn’t want to mess up my nails so I just left it.

Add good top coat to seal the flowers on and your done!

It’s so sweet and girly. I love it.

Happy polishing.


8 thoughts on “Natural Beauty.

  1. why are your nails and ideas always so friggin amazing??!?! i LOVE it!!! 🙂 super cute & super girly, LOVE love LOVE!

  2. so cute! i saw a lot of nail polishes at this flea market by my house on folsom blvd but I would be afraid to buy them because they are out in the hot weather all day. probably not good.

    • I was a little hesitant at first bc I didn’t want my fingers to look like they were covered in toothpaste, but I actually love it!

      it doesn’t look like toothpaste, btw. Just wanted to make that clear. hahha

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