Do you know how hard it is…

To take pictures in the dark???

I know, I know. Then turn the lights on. But what if you’re trying to take a picture of something that glows in the dark?

I got one of those coupons from Ulta last week so I of course went to go see if there was anything new. And surprisingly there was. Ulta is usually my last place to go for anything new (which is why I was surprised). I was told by another store that the Halloween collection wasn’t supposed to be put out until September (per OPI’s request). Which is another reason why I was surprised. Anyways, showed my coupon, got my 3x the points and went home to play with this bad boy.

See. Glows in the dark. I wasn’t too concerned about the shatter part only because I have enough shatter to last me forever, but one more bottle can’t hurt. So I painted my nails with Zom-Body To Love and the pup and I went out to soak up some sun.

This is two coats of Zom-Body To Love. It’s actually really cute. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see like specks of shimmer in this glow in the dark jelly. It is very sheer so you can top it on any color you want and still have glowing nails.

After I soaked up some sun I went into my closet. Now I’m kind of afraid of the dark. My friend and I used to do “Bloody Mary” chants in the bathroom when we were kids and I can no longer stand in front of a mirror in the dark. Unfortunately, our walk in closet has a full length mirror….Anywho…Zom-Body To Love.

Can you see it? My camera couldn’t focus on it because it was pitch black in there. But I noticed it quickly fades so I kept flashing my camera to make it glow brighter (which started to freak me out even more). I couldn’t quite get my nails to glow as bright so I painted one finger with Alpine Snow and Voila!

That my friends would be a glowing INDEX FINGER. =) (promise. I would never flip people off on the internet. The bf says that flipping people off is ugly anyways).

It is way too early to be celebrating Halloween, but now I really can’t wait!!

Happy polishing!


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