Hot off the press!!

Happy hump day y’all. We’ve made it through the first half of the week and the rest is downhill from here. Just push the clutch in and let it coast the rest of the way. =)

Here is the last manicure that was on my list of “Manicures To Try” (for now that is).

Newspaper manicure.

I was turned off on this manicure at first because all of the words would be backwards, which is kind of annoying. But I was surfing around and I noticed another blogger had used a Korean newspaper and I thought this was a great idea.

On my trip to Hawai’i I was determined to find a Japanese newspaper. The large amount of not only Japanese tourist, but also Japanese locals, creates a large demand for almost everything Japanese from food to language to department stores and, yes, newspapers.

So, for this manicure you will need a newspaper that you choose and a pair of scissors.

Pick out any block of words that you want. I was pretty picky about this for some reason. I really didn’t want any numbers on my nails so I made sure to avoid those (except one number made it on my nail, darn it!)  Cut out the strips of newspaper and set them aside. For the transfer you will need an alcohol of some sort. Some use rubbing alcohol and others have used vodka. In this case I used vodka. Say “Hello” to Izzy. =)

This was the smallest bottle of vodka we had in the house. Hahah gotta love Costco!

The base colors I used were OPI Moon Over Mumbai and on my accent nail I used OPI I Vant to Be a Lone Star.

Then, when your nails are completely dry, pour a small amount of alcohol into a small dish to dip the strips of newspaper into.

Place the soaked strip on to the nail and firmly press onto the strip in a rocking motion. You want to make sure you get the sides of the nail as well so it doesn’t look incomplete.

If you don’t press hard enough then the print won’t show up.

If this happens no worries. You can just rub the print off of your nail with your finger and try again.

If you press too hard sometimes the newspaper will stick and it won’t come off.

This happened to me about once or twice, but it’s ok. I applied a couple of topcoats and you can hardly tell.

It is very important to apply a top coat onto the newspaper transfer because without it the print will easily wipe off. As soon as the print is dry apply a good top coat. Some have experienced smearing of the transfer, but as long as it is dry, you’re good to go.

To make this manicure a little bit more “cute” I added a heart on each accent finger. I was walking around the local drug store and found these:

“Oh heck yeah!” was my exact response. Having to cut out my own stencils can get pretty frustrating so I was pretty happy to find these. They are super easy to use: peel, apply, paint.

For the hearts I actually used my OPI Red Shatter and here is the finished product!

That’s it!

Happy polishing! ❤


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