I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know about you guys but this week seemed super long!

Anyways, Giants. And I mean San Francisco Giants. That means Black and Orange! That means “Fear the beard!!” This weekend is the San Francisco Giants’ second annual pre-game Brewfest. But instead of doing something for the occasion I did pink nails with pretty flowers for my accent nail.


Left hand:

Right hand:

This manicure was difficult for me because I wasn’t really sure where to start. I did my tips with four different colors, why? I’m not really sure. But I started with OPI Alpine Snow. It was way too bold white for what I wanted so I added OPI No Bee’s Please (which I have used many, many times in other posts) to give Alpine snow a nice subtle off white shade. I then did orange crackle on under black shatter. Remember when layering shatters, it works best when applying a top coat between the layers to ensure good shattering.

On my ring finger I attempted to do a baseball. I have to say that I was not breathing for this one. I needed to use such a fine brush that I was so nervous! It isn’t perfect, and I messed up a couple of stitches, but I don’t feel like trying to do it again. I would probably pass out!

First I started with Alpine Snow and No Bees Please. With the fine brush I made the tiniest dots I could make as a guide for the seam of the baseball.

Then using the same brush I used OPI Big Apple Red to make the stitches. This is where the no breathing started.

It’s not perfect, I know, but you can’t tell from a distance. =D

For my index fingers I did one nail with the SF logo and the other Brian Wilson’s famous beard (FEAR THE BEARD!) On both nails I used OPI Black Onyx and OPI Atomic Orange.

(Sorry for the blurry picture)

More pictures:


And happy polishing! =)


4 thoughts on “LET’S GO GIANTS, LET’S GO!!

  1. Your baseball nail is so cute! The beard is kinda a weird thing to have on your nail. At least you didn’t use real hair

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