Tiny bubbles…

Have you ever painted your nails that color you have been waiting to try all week and it turns out looking like this…Tiny bubbles start to form under your nail lacquer and your fingers look “diseased”. I used to think that it was because the nail lacquer is old, but I know that this nail lacquer is only a few weeks old. So don’t go and jump the gun and toss that nail lacquer in the garbage. All it takes is a little patience.

Lots of other resources will say that it is bubbles in the nail lacquer from shaking the bottle too vigorously. And in order to remedy this you just roll the nail lacquer between the palms of your hands for a couple of minutes.

But what if you didn’t even shake the bottle?

Two reasons:

1. The nail lacquer has become too thick.

2. Application of the nail lacquer is too thick.

Two things that can be easily fixed: add thinner and/or apply thinner layers. When applying thin layers be careful to not have a fan/wind/breeze nearby. The wind can cause the nail lacquer to harden faster and can cause streakiness.

So, knowing that this is a brand new bottle of nail lacquer, I took off my old nail lacquer and applied thin layers.

OPI Mermaid's Tears one coat.

Let the layers completely dry before applying the next layer, of course. Typically, I brush my nails against the back of my hand and if it isn’t sticky then it’s ok to apply your next layer. I did just that and applied my second layer and no more bubbles.

So much better, no more “diseased nails”.

Happy polishing!



One thought on “Tiny bubbles…

  1. I know this isn’t what your post was about, but I’m glad you stated how you check if your nails are dry enough to do another layer. I always apply my next too early.

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