Can’t decide what color?

Have no fear, glitter is here.

The weather here is so crazy lately. We went from Winter to Spring for a day, then back to Winter. And then all of the sudden it’s Summer?

How are you supposed to decide what color to do if it’s sunny one day, and then cloudy and rainy the next?

I say don’t pick a color, pick a glitter.

I don’t know what it is with me a glitter. I think it’s the way it sparkles and shimmers. Yes, I am one of those girls that admires the way my nails sparkle while I’m driving in the car. But I ask you to take a look at this picture and tell me how you couldn’t.

OPI Spark de Triomphe

Ok, so maybe this picture doesn’t shimmer and sparkle, but I’m sure you can get the idea. This nail lacquer is packed with big and small specks of glitter. And the super soft gold shade keeps the color very natural.

Here is a closer more detailed picture. This is OPI Spark de Triomphe in three coats.

Glitters are very difficult to take off. They take a little bit more than regular nail lacquers. So if you plan on adding a little bling to your nails, just make sure you know what you’re getting into. Typically I just use a cotton ball soaked in regular nail polish remover (yes, the one with acetone). I leave the cotton ball on my nail for a couple of minutes to let the remover soak and penetrate the nail lacquer. Then I continue with a rubbing motion back and forth.  I have seen others suggest securing the cotton ball on your finger with foil and leaving it there for 15 minutes, I don’t know if it is that serious, but if it works it works…

Have fun with it and Happy polishing.


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