SH Crackle vs Sephora by OPI Gold Blasted

I had ordered Gold blasted from Sephora about a week and a half ago. It was scheduled to arrive last friday. But luckily it arrived a day early. I don’t have to start work until the evening so I waited and waited and nothing came. About 40 minutes before my shift started I gave up waiting. But while I was at work, it finally arrived. I never knew that UPS delivered so late, but either way I got my package so I’m happy. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, Sephora by OPI Gold blasted is pretty much gold shatter. Sephora released their first line of Blasted in black, silver and gold. Now they are currently selling indigo, red, white, electric blue, and turquoise. For more information on Sephora by OPI blasted, you can click this link.

This post is to compare my previous Sally Hansen Crackle purchase with my most recent Sephora purchase. The colors are slightly different. The Crackle by SH is a bit lighter while Sephora by OPI has a more yellow gold tinge.

I decided to use a blue base coat, but instead of using one color, I used two colors for my base coat. First I painted my nails OPI Cuckoo For This Color.It’s a nice dark and creamy teal with a lot of shimmer.

Next I used OPI Sea I Told You.

OPI Sea I Told You is a vibrant shimmery blue. I love the way it brightened Cuckoo For This Color.

Next I topped my pinky with SH Crackle over coat. I was a little sad when it only cracked right down the middle…But then when I did the rest of my nails, they didn’t crack in a nice pattern either.

I’m assuming that for the best shatter/crackle/blasted/whatever effect with the gold, thin coats is the key. I never had a problem with any of my other colors shattering, but practice does make perfect…

Happy polishing.




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