What’s with the accent??



Accent nail manicures are when you have one nail different from the other. It may be a different color or a design on a single nail. Accent nails have been seen everywhere. All over the internet, all over your friend’s nails, etc.  An OPI representative even wore an accent nail manicure to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides using Mermaid’s Tears and Silver shatter on her ring finger.

Here is my manicure for the day:

I used OPI Rally Pretty Pink and OPI Red Shatter. I purchased them together in the Serena Williams Duo Pack. I was a little iffy about putting the two together. I wasn’t a big fan of the red shatter on top of the pink so I separated them. My ring finger is ONLY red shatter. I used a base coat first to get the shatter effect and then topped it with a regular top coat. I don’t know why I am a fan of the no-base-color-shatter look, but I am. I think I like it because of it’s simplicity.

I wasn’t really sure about the pink at first either, but one coat is so cute and flirty and two coats is bold and amazing.

Sorry for the cut on my finger. It was a deep cut and is finally healing. But in this picture you can definitely see the pink shimmer which  I absolutely love about this shade of pink.In this picture you can see all the gold shimmer that takes this nail lacquer to a whole different level.

With accent nails you don’t have to limit yourself to your ring finger. I’ve read on another blog that a girl did her thumbs so that she could enjoy her work while she texts on her phone. Either way it’s the same idea.

Have fun with it and be creative!

Happy polishing!



2 thoughts on “What’s with the accent??

  1. I’m wearing these 2 polishes right now and I love them! except I have both on every nail! I’ll try something a bit different next time, accent nails maybe! ;D

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