Blast from the past!

Who remembers mood rings??

Mood rings were invented in the 1970’s. They contain a thermochromic element, like liquid crystal, that changes color depending on the temperature.  Mood rings were said to indicate the emotional state of the person wearing the ring, that is if you could remember what all the different colors meant. I used to sit in class making my hands super hot and then letting them cool down just to watch the colors change.  What does this have to do with anything? I was walking around on my lunch break and I came across “Mood Struck”!! Thermochromic nail polish. I couldn’t have been more excited. I asked my co-worker if I sounded like an 8 year old, and his reply? “More like 16, but whatever…” Whatever. Hahahah. I got two colors, purple and a glittery light blue.

Mood Struck purple

This purple turns to a blue shade when heated. Sorry my point and shoot camera is horrible with colors. I ran my middle finger under hot water to see the difference.  You can’t really tell, but my thumb is darker than my middle finger. In person it is a much more obvious color change. Here is the glittery blue.And under water, again the color change isn’t obvious, but you can see one is darker than the other.That was fun, for like 5 minutes. But it is friday night and I have different color nails that will be changing throughout the night, so I covered it with another finding, Sally Hansen Crackle.Doesn’t quite crackle like OPI or China glaze does, but it could have been due to the texture of the nail lacquer underneath. I’ll do a comparison review later with Sephora by OPI Gold Blasted. I have it coming in the mail and it should be here next week.

Happy polishing!





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