Glitter and Butterflies!

This post is featuring Konad stamping. This is my first time so it’s a little messy, but still cool.

Konad is a nail art stamping company. You can buy a variety of different plates to use with their stamp and scraper. They do sell their own paints, but you can also use any creamy polish that you wish to use. For more information on Konad you can click this link here.

I purchased the Double sided stamp set that came with the stamper and the scraper.I also purchased two plates, m36 and m69.

Konad plate m36

Konad m69

So first I painted my nails a base color of OPI Moon over Mumbai. Moon over Mumbai was released with the OPI India Collection that was released in Spring 2008.

OPI Moon Over Mumbai

After letting the base color dry I picked plate m36 with the butterflies. Using OPI Dim Sum Plum, I painted the butterflies lightly.After using the scraper to scrape off the excess, use the stamping tool in a rolling motion, starting from one side to the other, to pick up the image.You should have the image on your stamper like so. In the same rolling motion, apply image to the nail. You have to work fast while konading. Since the image uses very little paint, the nail lacquer dries quickly and makes it a little harder to apply to the nail. So cute! I can’t wait to try more plate designs. To top off this manicure I topped it with essie’s Carnival.I didn’t wait long enough so the top butterfly was a little smeared, but it’s ok. I am in love with essie Carnival. It’s like OPI I Juggle…Men, but x10.I can’t wait to try more Konad plates, but until then…

Happy polishing!




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