Last Chance.

Ok so in one of my past posts I complained about these Zoya nail polishes that I was totally frustrated with. I had just purchased them from Ulta and they were thick and bubbly. I was so frustrated, I removed the color and returned both of them back to Ulta. But I was walking around a local Nugget, surprisingly, and they had like 4 different displays of Zoya nail lacquer. I was still a little upset with my last encounter with Zoya, but I was still curious. I picked up two Edyta and Julieanne. For this post I will only be reviewing Edyta.

Zoya Edyta

This color caught my eye because of the gold shimmer and the holo effects. I cut my nails short and took time on this manicure, hoping that this nail lacquer wouldn’t bubble like the others did from Ulta. Trust me I had my receipt ready. I am happy, however, to say that this bottle of Zoya was perfect (I’m starting to really doubt Ulta now though). It went on smoothly, the drying time was ideal, and I have no complaints. Sorry it’s not a perfect clean-up job. Sometimes you don’t notice these little specks of nail polish until you have it uploaded onto your computer and your fingers are magnified by 1000. I am happy with the outcome of this nail lacquer and I will no longer be afraid to purchase Zoya products.

This will stay on for a few more days. I have an idea for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean movie, so stay tuned!

Happy polishing.


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